Living and working under the azure skies of Greece, sipping coffee in quaint cafes by day and exploring ancient ruins by sunset seems like a dream. However, you can easily make this dream a reality with the Greece Digital Nomad Visa (DNV). Implemented under Law 4825/2021, this visa permits non-EU citizens to reside and work remotely in Greece for 12 months. 

The only issue is, how do you wrap your head around the Greece Digital Nomad Visa requirements? It’s not easy, but ensuring you meet them paves the path for a successful application. This article will give you your best chance at understanding the ins and outs before you start putting together your application.

What is the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa is an exclusive permit for remote workers and self-employed individuals seeking to live and work in Greece. Designed for those employed by foreign entities or running their own businesses outside Greece, the visa encapsulates the essence of digital nomadism: working remotely while experiencing life in a new culture and country.

The 8 Main Greece Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

To successfully apply for the Greece DNV, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Proof of Remote Work and Income
  3. Clean Criminal Record
  4. Health Insurance Coverage
  5. Medical Certificate
  6. Address of Accommodation
  7. Personal Information
  8. Pay the fees

Let’s explore each requirement in more detail.

Valid Passport

An applicant must possess a valid passport that remains active for the entire duration of their stay in Greece. The passport should ideally contain at least two blank pages to accommodate any necessary visas and stamps.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa Requirements
Greece Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Proof of Remote Work and Income

To validate your status as a remote worker, you need to provide proof of your remote work and income. This could be a letter from your employer confirming your employment and remote work arrangement or bank statements showing regular deposits from your employer. The Greek authorities mandate a minimum income of €3,500 per month. In the case of dependent spouses or children, an additional 20% and 15% of the income, respectively, must be proven.

Clean Criminal Record

A clean criminal record is crucial. You can obtain a record clearance certificate from the local police or relevant authority in your home country. Any criminal history might negatively impact your application.

Health Insurance Coverage

Applicants are expected to hold a comprehensive health insurance policy covering their stay in Greece. Your policy must cover at least €30,000 in medical bills. Ideally, this policy should include medical evacuation and any necessary treatments. A certificate or letter from your insurance provider can serve as proof.

Medical Certificate Confirming Good Health

Applicants should possess a recent medical certificate confirming they are in good health. This document can be obtained from your primary healthcare provider and ensures you do not pose a public health risk.

Accommodation Address in Greece

Applicants must provide an address of their accommodations in Greece. This could be a hotel booking, a rental agreement, or an invitation letter from a friend or relative residing in Greece. You don’t need to have an apartment reserved for an entire year, but you do need your foot in the door, so to speak.

Personal Information

Along with the above documentation, you may also be required to submit fingerprints and biometric information. This includes digital photographs and fingerprints, especially if you haven’t visited the EU or Schengen Area in the past five years.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa Fees Payable

In addition to the other requirements, the application process includes a fee of €75 for the application and a €150 administration fee. These payments support the processing of your application. 

That won’t be all. Once you get to Greece, you’ll need to pay an additional €1000 for your residence permit, which you must apply for to officially extend your stay to 12 months.

The Application Process

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa application process involves 9 steps. We cover this in more detail in our article on how to apply for the Greek digital nomad visa, but here’s a brief overview:

  1. Document Compilation: Gather all required documents, such as your passport, proof of remote work and income, clean criminal record, health insurance coverage, medical certificate, and the accommodation address.
  2. Embassy Interview: Contact the nearest Greek embassy in your home country to set up an interview. This can be done in person, via email, or through their website.
  3. Document Submission and Fee Payment: Attend the interview, bringing all necessary documents. At this stage, you’ll pay the visa application fee of €75 and a €150 administration fee.
  4. Answer Interview Questions: During your embassy visit, be prepared to answer questions about your visit’s purpose, why you chose Greece, your work details, and income sources.
  5. Visa Processing: After submitting all documents and information, your application enters the processing phase. This could take up to a month, or longer in some cases.
  6. Travel to Greece after approval: Once you’re approved to nomad in Greece, make your way there. Note that your initial visa will only last 91 days.
  7. Register your stay in Greece: Go to the nearest immigration office to register your presence. You must do this during the first month of your stay.
  8. Open a bank account in Greece and transfer your income there: To prove that you’re willing to reside in the country, you must open a bank account.
  9. Apply for your residence permit: This is your final step, to stay for the full year, you must apply for a residence permit first.

Obligations of a Digital Nomad in Greece

There are two components to this. Your initial nomad visa only lasts 91 days, and you must meet certain requirements once you arrive in Greece to extend your stay to a whole year.

Residency Requirement

As a holder of the Greek Digital Nomad Visa, you’re required to stay in Greece for at least six months (183 days) within your visa’s duration. This obligation ensures that you’re genuinely using your visa to live in Greece, reflecting the program’s intent: to enable individuals to experience Greek life while working remotely. Violating this requirement might lead to repercussions, such as visa revocation.

Opening A Bank Account

To stay in Greece long-term, you need to transfer your income to open a Greek bank account and transfer your income there. This will make up a critical part of your residency visa application later since all your fees and taxes will be paid using this account.

Employment Restrictions

Under the conditions of the digital nomad visa, you’re prohibited from engaging in economic activities for businesses within Greece. Your work must exclusively be for the foreign entity that employs you. It’s crucial to respect this condition to maintain your visa status. Violating this employment restriction could lead to visa revocation and possible legal consequences.

Income Maintenance

Even after obtaining the visa, Greece requires you to maintain the minimum income requirement throughout your stay. Regularly updated bank statements can act as proof of continuous income. It’s vital to ensure that your income doesn’t fall below the minimum threshold to prevent any potential issues with your visa. 

Since the Greek Digital Nomad Visa also allows you to bring your family to Greece. If you opt to bring your spouse and/or dependent children, you must maintain an additional 20% income for your spouse and 15% extra for each child.

Your Next Steps

Navigating the requirements for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa is your first step towards a life-changing experience in one of the world’s most culturally rich countries. Ensure that you contact your local Greek consulate if you need any clarifications on the requirements. Don’t talk to a lawyer or anyone else before you talk to them.

Now, if you’d like to learn more about life as a digital nomad in Greece. Check out the linked article to get familiar with the lifestyle, and excited about potential destinations! From pristine beaches to bustling city life, Greece will likely become one of your favourite destinations of all time.


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